AU-rich elements (AREs) are regulatory sequences that control the stability of eukaryotic messenger RNAs. AREScore is an application that searches input sequences for features typically found in type II AREs. It calculates a score based on the number of AUUUA pentamers, the distance between these pentamers, and whether they are located within a region of high AU content, a so-called AU-block. The result sheet provides the score, the number of AUUUA pentamers, as well as their position, and the position of AU-blocks. For detailed information and instructions, please follow the link above.

AREScore accepts nucleotide FASTA file format (multiple sequences allowed) and REFSEQ mRNA accession IDs starting with NM_. REFSEQ IDs can be entered as a list, one ID per line and 300 IDs maximally per request. AREScore will connect to the ENTREZ server and use the 3'UTR sequences of REFSEQ ID mRNAs for scoring. It is important that your input finishes with one empty line. In case of an error, consult the detailed information page. AREScore results are provided as a tab-separated textual file that can be opened in any spreadsheet software, e.g. Excel.

Scoring options

Basal score: 1.0 per AUUUA pentamer. Additional score if pentamers are

AU-block settings

Data input (include one empty line at the end)

Result presentation